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2012 Receiver Upgrade

As of July 5, 2012 at about 6 PM,'s server has been moved to a new rack, requiring a shutdown after 1691 days of continuous uptime. During that time, there is a short break in recording. In addition, all the receivers (previous Hamtronics R301 VHF boards) have been replaced with narrowband-capable Motorola M1225 and all channels are set for narrowband receive. There will be one additional shutdown in the next few weeks to put the new rack in its final location, but otherwise we should be good for a while.

2011 Software Upgrade

As of the 2011 July 4th weekend, the tone decoding software has been upgraded for improved accuracy when tones are quiet or distorted, and to improve the DTMF detection speed for faster tone sequences. Some decoding will be unavailable while re-decoding of the past month or two is proceeding, but recording is unaffected.

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